Our ambition for Calderdale

A young familly at Ogden windfarm

Everyone Different Everyone Matters

Together with our partners, we want Calderdale to be a place where we value everyone being different and through our actions we demonstrate that everyone matters. This will be achieved by continuing to work with local people and partners in the following areas:

Economy and Enterprise

Safeguard Calderdale's future and foster economic prosperity for all.


Improve the quality of our environment and promote respect for Calderdale's heritage.


Prosper as a place where people can feel safe and are encouraged to get involved in shaping their future.

Healthier Communities

Reduce the amount of preventable ill-health across the population as a whole.

Older and Vulnerable People

Ensure that people stay in control of their lives and play a full and active role in society.

Children and Young People

Flourish as a place where every child and young person thrives, is safe and happy.

Narrowing the Gap

Work to ensure that the differences in health, quality of life and economic prosperity between different communities within Calderdale be reduced.

Use of Resources

Ensure that resources are allocated and used efficiently and effectively to meet the Council's priorities.

Last Updated: 16/11/2015