The Scrutiny Panels

Communities Scrutiny Panel

The Communities Scrutiny Panel (formerly Safer and Stronger Communities) looks at areas such as community safety, cultural and leisure services, neighbourhood management, customer services and communications. This may involve looking at the work of the council in these areas, and also the work of partner agencies and organisations, especially those involved in the Community Safety Partnership. The panel may offer advice or make recommendations on policy development to the cabinet or council, or look at decisions of the cabinet and, if appropriate, ask them to reconsider. They may also make recommendations to partner agencies in certain circumstances.

So far this year the panel has looked at issues, including the White Ribbon Campaign and the Communications Service.

Members of the panel

We usually meet every month. To see what we’ll be discussing at our next meeting and when it is view the Calendar.

Current work programmes

Each Scrutiny Panel determines its own Work Programme for the year, and decides what, why and when it would like to consider a specific topic or issue.

Communities Scrutiny Panel Work Plan [PDF file 18KB]|PDF file

Some the topics / issues that will be considered at forthcoming meetings include:

Last Updated: 04/08/2016