The constitution

Approved by the Council on 24 April 2002 to take effect from 15 May 2002 and incorporating amendments approved by the Council to 29 April 2015.

  1. The Constitution Title Page and Index [PDF file 38KB]|PDF file Updated April 2016.
  2. Part 1 - Summary and Explanation [PDF file 28KB]|PDF file Updated April 2016.
  3. Part 2 - Articles

    1. The Constitution [PDF file 15KB]|PDF file
    2. Members of the Council [PDF file 82KB]|PDF file
    3. Citizens and the Council [PDF file 61KB]|PDF file
    4. The Full Council [PDF file 83KB]|PDF file
    5. Chairing the Council [PDF file 15KB]|PDF file
    6. Overview and Scrutiny [PDF file 95KB]|PDF file
    7. The Executive (the Cabinet) [PDF file 82KB]|PDF file
    8. Regulatory and Other Committees [PDF file 75KB]|PDF file
    9. The Standards Committee [PDF file 19KB]|PDF file
    10. Area Forums and Committees [PDF file 16KB]|PDF file
    11. Joint Arrangements [PDF file 58KB]|PDF file
    12. Officers [PDF file 39KB]|PDF file Updated April 2016.
    13. Decision Making [PDF file 27KB]|PDF file
    14. Finance, Contracts and Legal Matters [PDF file 54KB]|PDF file
    15. Review and Revision of the Constitution [PDF file 36KB]|PDF file
    16. Suspension, Interpretation and Publication of the Constitution [PDF file 54KB]|PDF file
  4. Part 3 - Responsibility for Functions
    1. Local Choice Functions [PDF file 58KB]|PDF file
    2. Council Functions [PDF file 71KB]|PDF file Updated April 2016.
    3. Executive Functions [PDF file 25KB]|PDF file
    4. Terms of Reference of Council Committees [PDF file 55KB]|PDF file Updated April 2016.
      • Standards Committee
      • Planning Committee
      • Licensing and Regulatory Committee
      • Employment Committee
      • Appeals Panel
      • Audit Committee
      • Governance and Business Committee
      • Health and Wellbeing Board
    5. Officer Delegation Scheme [PDF file 56KB]|PDF file Updated April 2016.
      • Proper Officer Appointment
  5. Part 4 - Rules of Procedure
    1. Council procedure rules [PDF file 217KB]|PDF file
    2. Access to information procedure rules [PDF file 123KB]|PDF file
    3. Budget and policy framework procedure rules [PDF file 35KB]|PDF file
    4. Executive procedure rules [PDF file 190KB]|PDF file
    5. Overview and scrutiny procedure rules [PDF file 125KB]|PDF file
    6. Committee procedure rules [PDF file 32KB]|PDF file
    7. Health and Wellbeing Board procedure rules [PDF file 30KB]|PDF file Updated April 2016.
    8. Financial procedure rules [PDF file 63KB]|PDF file
    9. Contract procedure rules [PDF file 231KB]|PDF file
    10. Officer employment procedure rules [PDF file 45KB]|PDF file
  6. Part 5 - Codes and Protocols

    1. Code of conduct for members [PDF file 36KB]|PDF file
    2. Code of conduct for council employees [PDF file 140KB]|PDF file
    3. Conventions on member - officer relations [PDF file 60KB]|PDF file
    4. Members planning code of practice [PDF file 51KB]|PDF file
    5. Yorkshire and the Humber Councils Joint Health Scrutiny Protocol [PDF file 44KB]|PDF file
    6. Member Champions Protocol [PDF file 30KB]|PDF file
    7. Anti-fraud and corruption strategy [PDF file 55KB]|PDF file
    8. Anti-bribery policy [PDF file 56KB]|PDF file
    9. Media protocols [PDF file 38KB]|PDF file
    10. .
  7. Part 6 - Register of members interest [PDF file 14KB]|PDF file
  8. Part 7 - Members allowances scheme [PDF file 51KB]|PDF file Updated April 2016
  9. Members of the Cabinet, Scrutiny Panels and Council Committees
    Member representation on outside bodies
  10. Management structure [PDF file 13KB]|PDF file

Last Updated: 09/01/2017