Democracy and elections

Democracy means that all Calderdale residents have the right to vote for the Councillor who they would like to run the Borough. These pages provide information about the election process, how to vote and the results of past elections.

Election information

Calderdale is divided into 17 wards which make up 2 parliamentary constituencies - Calder Valley and Halifax.

Election results

General, local and parish election results for Calderdale.

Electoral register

The register is published annually based on the canvass of householders carried out during the Summer and Autumn and can be viewed at several council facilities.

Electoral services

Electoral services arrange elections in Calderdale and prepare and maintain the electoral register.

How to become a Councillor

To stand for election as a district councillor, candidates must be over 18, meet qualifications regarding nationality and residency and submit the appropriate paperwork.

Local democracy

Introduction by Merran McRae, Chief Executive as well as information about the Cabinet Forward Plan and Key Decisions, the Constitution, Scrutiny Panels and how democracy works.

Local MPs and MEPs

Contact information for Halifax and Calder Valley MPs and MEPs for the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Parish Councillors

Parish and Town Councillors are required by law to register, and keep up to date, certain disclosable pecuniary interests in the Parish or Town Council's Register of Members' Interests.

Polling stations

You will be advised where to go to vote prior to election day.

Postal votes

Anyone who is eligible to vote can choose to have a postal vote, as long as they apply at least 11 working days before election day.

Proxy votes

If you are disabled or will not be in the area on election day, you can appoint someone to make your vote on your behalf.

Review of polling districts

Review of Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Station 2013.

The Mayoralty

Names of the Councillors holding civic office 2014/15.


If you are eligible to vote in a Calderdale election and your name appears on the electoral register, you can vote by post, in person or can appoint someone to vote for your chosen candidate on your behalf.

Last Updated: 14/01/2014