Council Tax

Council Tax bands

The amount of Council Tax you have to pay depends on the valuation band into which your property has been allocated. Except for those areas, which have Parish Council precepts (where additional amounts will be charged) each property in the same valuation band will be charged the same amount of Council Tax.

The amount payable by individual taxpayers will however differ due to discounts and other reductions, which might apply.

To decide how much to charge for each band, the Council calculates an average Council Tax amount for band D properties in its area (this is £1447.03 for 2014/15) and then applies a proportion, which has been fixed by the Government to that amount to arrive at the charges for all the other bands.

Appeals against your band should be directed to the Valuation Office Agency: Council tax|External link

The various proportions of all the Council Tax Property Valuation Bands are shown in the following Table as is the amount of Council Tax, which will be charged for 2014/15.

BandProportion of Band DAmount
£ p

If you live in one of the following Parish / Town Council areas you will have to pay extra. These areas are covered by:

Parish / Town CouncilBand D PreceptBudget for 2014 / 2015
Blackshaw Parish Council£16.96£5,662
Erringden Parish Council£22.71£1,355
Hebden Royd Town Council£72.89£222,893
Heptonstall Parish Council£29.11£15,300
Ripponden Parish Council£13.87£37,822
Todmorden Town Council£35.81£161,354
Wadsworth Parish Council£22.01£11,790

The amount of the extra Parish / Town Council charge is shown on your Council Tax bill.

Last Updated: 12/03/2014