Council Tax

Council Tax infographic

This infographic contains lots more information about Council Tax, including the number of houses eligible to pay and amount of collectable tax.

This infographic contains information about Council Tax.
Council Tax in Calderdale
Number of properties in Calderdale93,779
Amount of collectable Council Tax£83.1m
Percentage of Council Tax collected each financial year
 By DecemberBy March
2013 83.20% 95.50%
2014 82.40% 95.43% 
2015 83.39%  
Percentage of Council Tax collected from empty properties
 By DecemberBy March
2013 69.80% 87.60%
201471.16% 90.16%
2015 74.96%  
Percentage of Council Tax Reduction collections
 By DecemberBy March
2013 64.40%77.13%
201465.49% 79.96% 
2015 68.72%  
Number of people paying Council Tax by Direct Debit
2015 2016
52,579 56,158


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Last Updated: 03/03/2015