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Pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit

Direct Debit is by far the most popular way people choose to pay their Council Tax and in Calderdale over 45,000 households (60%) already use this method.

So why should you switch to Direct Debit?

As well as being very quick and easy to set up (either online, by phone or in person), it's free, totally secure and you can now pick from five different payment dates. What makes Direct Debit the ideal way to pay Council Tax is that it is automatic and takes the worry out of having to remember to pay each month! Besides 60% of households can't be wrong!

Save time, pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit. Why wait!

Council Tax Direct Debit instruction online form

Request to pay Council Tax by twelve monthly instalments

The Government has amended Council Tax legislation so as to enable Council Tax payers to pay their monthly instalments over the whole financial year instead of the previous ten month scheme.

If you already pay by Direct Debit your deductions will be amended automatically to collect the new instalment amounts.

Use the online form to Request to pay Council Tax by twelve monthly instalments.

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Last Updated: 19/11/2014