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The Council is made up of 51 elected councillors or 'members' who decide its aims, objectives and policies. They are elected to represent a particular area or ward in Calderdale. Each ward has three councillors who serve for four years. Elections take place in each ward three years out of every four, when one council seat in each ward is open for election.

Councillors are not paid a salary, but receive an allowance for time spent on official council business. Calderdale's constitution provides further information on Councillors Allowances and the Councillors Code of Conduct: The Constitution.

Current political makeup of the council

Party Seats





Liberal Democrat




You can find your Councillor by using our ward map, browsing the list of members, or searching the Councillors database.

To find out membership of committees and outside bodies you can use the search the Councillors database search facility.

You can also view details of Councillors Performance and key roles and responsibilities within the Council.


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