Community cohesion

'One Calderdale, many communities'

'A stable and cohesive society is vital for our future prosperity and quality of life in Calderdale. Breaking down barriers between communities, whilst encouraging mutual understanding and respect, is high on the agenda of the Council and its partners.'

The action plan supports the Community Cohesion Strategy for Calderdale, which sets out the background and framework to this plan. The Council has worked closely with key partners and agencies in Calderdale to bring this document together. The importance of partnership work is recognised throughout the plan, with partners taking the lead agency role in many areas.

The Action Plan is a dynamic document, which will be revisited and adjusted over time with the recognition that our communities are not static and that our priorities may change over time.

Calderdale Community Cohesion Action Plan [PDF file 178KB]|PDF file

Comments about the action plan should be addressed to Andrew Pitts.

Last Updated: 25/04/2016