Council departments

Information about council services including Calderdale Customer First, the council's directorates and their service structures, income services, working in partnership and out-of-hours contact information.

Directorates and service areas

Information about Calderdale Council's four directorates, the Chief Executive's Office and their services and areas of responsibility.

Income services

Income Services are responsible for securing payment of all invoices. These pages include information on paying an invoice, the facility to check your balance and the facility to make a payment online.

Insurance services

If you have any questions about Council insurance or a claim against the Council, contact Insurance Services.

Local offices

Details of local offices throughout Calderdale and the services they offer.

Out of hours support

Calderdale Council's contact information for out-of-hours support.

Working in partnership

Information about Calderdale Council's partnerships with local organisations and local initiatives aimed at improving the environment, making Calderdale a safer place to live and promoting healthy living.

Last Updated: 05/01/2017