Winter 2011

Safer Cleaner Greener Service

The Safer, Cleaner, Greener Service manages and maintains 350 hectares of parks, open spaces and gardens and over 400 hectares of countryside including woodlands and local Nature Reserves. The service is also responsible for keeping Calderdale clean by sweeping roads and footpaths, emptying litter bins, removing graffiti and fly tipping from Council land, and composting green waste.

The panel were asked how satisfied they are with a number of the services the team manage in their local area. The services which panellists were most satisfied with include:

The services giving least satisfaction were:

We then asked which of these services panellists think most needs improving. The table and chart below display these results:

Services that most need improving
Service% of respondents
Keeping streets clean48%
Children's play areas17%
Removal of fly tipping15%
Parks and open spaces5%
Sports pitches5%
Countryside and nature areas4%
Removal of graffiti3%
Trees / woodlands3%

We then asked the panel if there is a problem with a number of issues listed in their local area. The table and graph below show the responses for those who said a 'Fairly big/Very big' problem.

Problems in my local area
Service% of respondents
Litter or rubbish lying around19.7%
Dog fouling in parks and open spaces17.9%
Dog fouling on the streets16.9%
Fly tipping11.2%
Vandalism in parks and open spaces9.3%
Overgrown trees and shrubs7.6%
Overflowing litter bins7.2%
Maintenance of parks/open spaces3.6%

We will be looking carefully at this data to determine if we can identify any problem ’hot spots’ - in this way we will try and address the issues that arise.

We also asked if panellists get involved with any of our organised events or outdoor community groups. 45% of respondents said they do get involved with these types of activities:

This is illustrated in the chart below.

Surprisingly over 13% of respondents said they are not aware of any of these types of events taking place in Calderdale - this tells us we need to advertise or communicate our events/activities more widely.

Panellists were asked to consider Calderdale as a whole and what they would like to see more of in the future. The list below shows the order of importance of the items to respondents:

  1. Educating school children to appreciate the natural environment
  2. Prosecution of dog owners for not cleaning up after their dogs
  3. Targeted clean ups or litter action days
  4. Varied choice of events in parks, open spaces and countryside areas
  5. Opportunity to get involved in local community groups or volunteering.

We then asked how panellists prefer to contact the service if they have a query / compliment or complaint. The following table and chart show the response to this question:

Contact Preference
Contact method% of respondents
Via the Council website16%
Directly approach staff working outside9%
Visit a Council office6%


Last Updated: 23/03/2016