Winter 2011

You said - we did

In our spring 2009 edition we asked questions relating to our Winter Road Maintenance Service. Several issues were raised to help us improve our service – below are a few of these issues and the actions we have taken to improve our service to the residents of Calderdale.

You said:‘There ought to be more pavements treated and in quicker time. The elderly felt trapped in their homes.’
We did –  From this winter the Council has provided an additional £45,000 to provide additional salting and snow clearance on pavements near schools, nurseries, doctors’ surgeries, residential care homes and other establishments visited by vulnerable people. Additional resources have been placed on standby to ensure that we can respond much faster to clear pavements and pedestrian areas.

It is very important to us that we act quickly and efficiently to clear pavements and areas where the safety of residents is compromised. By putting these additional resources in place we hope to ensure that our streets and pavements are as safe as possible during any snowy / icy weather conditions.

If there are any specific streets or roads in your local area that need attention during the bad weather this can be reported to the Council’s contact Centre on 01422 288001. All calls will be registered and attended to wherever possible.

You said: ‘There should be more salt bins so that people can help themselves to salt roads and pavements.’
We did –  From this winter an additional 100 salt bins have been provided at locations which need them most, bringing the total number up to 600. Over 75 salt bins have been removed from places which do not really need a bin and relocated to more needy locations.

Salt bins and piles are generally provided for drivers of vehicles to spread salt on the carriageway as an aid to traction in icy or snow conditions. The salt is also often used by residents to spread on footways as well. By increasing the number of salt bins and, in some cases relocating them to areas of most need, we hope to improve our service to you.

Last Updated: 08/04/2016