Winter 2011

Alcohol and drugs awareness

The questions asked in this section were to help provide teams at NHS Calderdale, Calderdale Council and other local partner agencies with an annual picture of how drugs and alcohol are impacting on the residents of Calderdale. This helps them identify if there have been any changes and if issues are getting better or worse.

Firstly we asked those panellists with children how they approached these issues from an early age. We asked if members talked to their children about the risks around alcohol, the following responses were given:

Do you talk to your children about risks associated with alcohol?
Age of childYesNo
8-10 years66%34%
11-14 years81%19%
15-17 years85%15%

We then asked if these respondents allowed their children to drink alcohol:

Do you allow your children to drink alcohol?
Age of childYesNo
11-14 years18%82%
15-17 years66%34%

The following table shows the level of alcohol related problems that respondents see in the Calderdale area.

Alcohol related problems seen in the Calderdale area
Problem% of respondents
Discarded bottles91.3%
People under 18 years old drinking / buying alcohol53.1%
People under the influence of alcohol68.3%
Alcohol related violence or anti-social behaviour52.3%

Similarly we then asked if respondents see any of the following drug related problems in their local area. The results shown are for those who 'Frequently / Occasionally' see the problems:

Drug related problems seen in the local area
Problem% of respondents
Discarded needles / syringes30.5%
Drug dealing46.9%
People taking drugs in public51.6%

Over 33% of respondents feel that heroin / crack cocaine use affects their community. 17% have had friends or relations directly affected by heroin or crack cocaine use.

We then asked similar questions around the use of drugs like cannabis, powder cocaine, ecstasy, MCAT and ‘legal highs’. Again 33% said these type of drugs affected their community to some extent and 23% said they had friends or family affected by their use.

If you do need help with drug related issues please contact 0800 0283901.

Last Updated: 15/09/2016