Summer 2010

Teenage pregnancy

Education about relationships and sex will be part of the national curriculum from September 2011, for every age group in schools. The questions asked in this section will help us make sure that parents of primary school children are happy with the content of those lessons.

We asked the panel which subjects they feel are appropriate for younger children. The results are shown below:

Relationship and Sex Lesson Content
TopicAppropriate for all ages 5 - 11Only appropriate for 10 - 11sNot appropriate for 5 -11s
Naming parts of the body87%10%3%
Able to keep themselves safe83%15%2%
Family types (step families, one
parent families etc)
Meeting and making friends90%8%2%
Preparation for puberty32%63%5%
Recognising and resisting pressure62%34%4%
Types of contraception7%60%33%
Understanding and talking about feelings66%29%5%
Reproduction and pregnancy23%57%20%

Last Updated: 22/12/2015