Summer 2010

Calderdale Council website

The web team are continually looking at ways to improve the Calderdale Council website.

The questions asked in the spring survey were to help us understand more about how and why people use the Calderdale Council website, and how we can better support people to do this.

The table below shows the different ways panellists access the Calderdale Council website:

Access Council website from .....
Location% of respondents
Do not use32%
Mobile / blackberry2%
From school or college1%
From home60%
From work19%
From the library5%

Of those respondents who use the website (68%), the next table shows how they rate their experience when using the site:

Website rating
Rating% of respondents
Very good8%
Very Poor1%

Nearly 80% of website visitors said they were able to find what they were looking for. Only 7% said they did not find what they were looking for with 14% visiting the site just to browse.

We then asked panellists if they were aware of certain facilities that are currently on the website. The responses are shown below:

Awareness of facilities on the website
FacilityAwareNot aware
Pay parking fines24%76%
Pay your Council Tax36%64%
Request library books28%72%
Request replacement green / black bin bag26%74%
Make a planning application37%63%
Apply for Housing Benefit20%80%

These results show that many of the facilities offered by the Council’s website are under-used as a large majority of Website users are not aware that they are available.

We then asked, if a number of other services were made available, would panellists be interested in using them. The table below shows the responses:

Use of services on the Council website
Service% of respondents
who would use
Receive alerts of planning applications in your area62.6%
Booking a registrar, registering a birth, marriage or death36.2%
Finding services and facilities in your area78.6%
Finding all events and activities across Calderdale76.4%
Booking a sports facility34.4%

A number of interesting and useful ideas were also given to help us improve our website – we hope to incorporate some of these when we look at making future upgrades to the website.

Last Updated: 22/12/2015