Summer 2010

Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

Calderdale Council and the West Yorkshire Police are working together towards reducing anti-social behaviour (ASB) and making Calderdale a better place to live. The questions asked in this section of the survey were to find out what information about anti-social behaviour panelists would be interested in, and how they would like to receive it.

A significant amount of interest was shown in receiving information about what the Council and the Police are doing to combat ASB both locally (79%) and Calderdale-wide (67%).

68% of respondents would like to know when ASB Orders are issued to people locally, with 40% interested in the Calderdale-wide data. 54% would like to know more details about the individuals who receive the ASB Orders. These results show a high level of interest in information about local ASB developments, and somewhat lower interest in the wider aspects.

When asked how often panelists would like to receive this type of data, the results were that 22% of respondents would like the information monthly, 34% would like it quarterly, 17% six monthly, and 9% annually, with the other 18% not wanting the information.

We then asked how panelists would prefer to receive this information. The table below details the preferred methods.

Preferred methods of receiving information on ASB's
Communication methodNumber of panelists preferring
Ward Forum39

As can be seen, the 2 most preferred methods of receiving this information were by Newsletter and by use of the Internet.

70% of panelists said they would be interested in information on how to report ASB and 63% would like to know how to access services relating to ASB.

Last Updated: 22/12/2015