Spring 2013

Household waste and recycling

As the Council’s current waste collection contract with SUEZ (formerly SITA UK) ends in 2015 the waste and recycling team are reviewing the service and starting to look at the requirements for the new contract. The questions asked in the November survey will help the team understand residents' views about the current waste collection service and where we can make improvements.

Over 93% of panellists said they have a ‘full understanding’/’understand a lot’ about the current recycling system. Over 75% said they recycle as much as they can, 21% said they recycle some things but would like to do more, 2% said they would recycle if it was easier and only 1% said they would be unlikely to recycle in the future.

When asked for the reasons that prevent recycling of more waste, 58% of panellists said they 'recycle as much as I can with the current service', 26% said 'Not enough space to store the different containers', 7% said it was 'too complicated', 5% said 'not enough time', 3% were 'not sure when my collection day is', and 1% 'don't want to recycle'.

We then gave the panel a list of options which may encourage them to recycle more. The table shows the responses we were given.

Options to encourage recycling
OptionDefinitely recycle moreMight recycle moreWould not make a difference
Prizes for Recycling25%13%62%
Collect more types of recycling54%20%26%
Smaller bins for non recyclables12%11%77%

We then asked the panel how satisfied they are overall with the current waste collection service. 71% said they think the current refuse collection service is Excellent / Good, 22% think it is Satisfactory and 7% said the service is Not very good / Poor.

 The same question was then asked about the current recycling service. 68% said they think the recycling service is Excellent / Good, 25% said it is Satisfactory and 7% said the service is Not very good / Poor.

31% of respondents said they had reason to contact the Council about their waste and recycling in the last year. Of these respondents the majority of panellists said they were satisfied with the result of their enquiry, however there were a number of issues which were not resolved satisfactorily. These included:

Panellists were then given a number of options for collection of their recycling in the future. The table details the results of this question:

Collection of recycling in the future
Option% of respondents choosing option
1. Stay with the current system. A weekly collection of recycling using a combination of separate boxes and bags for the different types of recycling60%
2. Have a wheelie bin for some recycling combined with boxes for glass and food waste18%
3. Have two wheelie bins for your recycling18%
4. None of the above4%

The panel was then asked how often they would like non recyclable, general rubbish collecting: 70% said they prefer a weekly general rubbish collection with 30% saying a fortnightly collection is preferable.

Over 69% of respondents said they would not be willing to pay a small charge for specific extra collections (eg garden waste).

67% of panellists said they have experienced problems with collections during winter weather but a lot of respondents were sympathetic with the issues the crews encounter in the snowy/icy weather we have on occasions here in Calderdale!

Panellists were then asked to prioritise a number of options to achieve the best possible service for waste and recycling. The results can be seen in the table:

OptionHigh priority



Low priority
Weekly recycling services50%17%15%6%12%
Collection of more types of plastic29%20%22%13%16%
Collection of garden waste21%15%22%17%25%
Collection of tetrapak cartons15%18%25%19%23%
Collection of corrugated cardboard21%21%24%14%20%
More publicity about recycling15%14%25%15%31%
More public recycling centres on car parks18%22%23%15%22%

All of these responses as well as the suggestions and ideas given in the ‘suggestions for improvements’ section will be analysed closely and put towards the service review in the coming months. By understanding the needs of our residents the waste and recycling team hope to provide an efficient and useful service for the people of Calderdale.

Last Updated: 29/03/2016