Spring 2013

NHS Dental Care

NHS dentistry continues to be available in Calderdale with many residents already registered with NHS dental practices. The responses to the questions asked in the November survey will help the NHS Dental Care team to understand your experiences of NHS dental care in Calderdale.

63% of panellists are registered as an NHS patient and 23% as a private non-NHS patient.

Over 78% of panellists have visited a dentist in the last 12 months, the majority of these to have a regular check up.

10% of respondents said they currently do not have a dentist but would like to have one. 13% said they find it difficult to get routine dental care with 10% saying they have difficulty in getting dental care if they have a problem.

The reasons given for these difficulties can be seen in the table:

Reasons for difficulties in obtaining routine dental care
ReasonNumber of respondents
Treatment too expensive45
Dentists only treating privately41
No dentists taking patients28
Lack of time/inconvenient opening hours27
Scared of dentists / treatment22
Difficult to make the journey to the dentist8
No local dentist7
Don't know3

82% of respondents find it easy to access a dentist with 9% finding access difficult. Most panellists find their dentists' surgeries to be clean and comfortable with only 4% finding these aspects poor and in need of improvement.

Over 96% of respondents said their dentist puts them at their ease during their examination and a similar number said their dentist explains their treatment to them in full.

If you would like to attend an NHS dentist please contact the PCT Dental Helpline on 01422 281576.

Last Updated: 29/03/2016