Spring 2013

Halifax Borough Market

The Council’s market service currently provides and manages the Borough Market in Halifax. The questions asked in this section were to help the market service understand the needs and views of residents to help shape the future plans for the Halifax Borough Market.

Over 88% of respondents said the Borough Market is Very important / Important to Halifax town centre with only 7% saying they think it is not important. 84% of the panellists said they either visit or shop in the market. Of these, 39% shop once a week or more, 24% once a fortnight, 19% once a month, and 18% less than once a month.

The majority of panellists said there was no specific day they visited the market (57%), but the busiest single day to shop / visit was Saturday (23%). The majority of visitors stayed in the market for up to 30 minutes (64%) with 16% staying for about one hour.

Reasons for visiting / shopping at the market were variable with the top three reasons being:

  1. Price / value for money
  2. Support local business
  3. Atmosphere.

58% said the extent to which they shop at the market has stayed the same compared to a year ago, 11% said it has increased and 21% said it has decreased.

Over 60% of panellists spend £10 or less on average on each visit to Halifax Borough Market, with 19% spending £11 - £25 and 4% spending more than this. 14% preferred not to say or didn't know how much they spent.

Most panellists said they travel to the market by car (63%), bus (21%) or on foot (14%). Only 43% said they were satisfied with the car parking facilities available when visiting the market, with 36% saying they found the parking unsatisfactory. 86% said they feel safe when visiting the market.

When asked to rate the market on a number of issues the following aspects all achieved over 90% satisfaction rates:

The following aspects were not rated as highly with all receiving between 20 - 30% Poor / Very poor ratings:

Of the respondents who do not visit the market 54% said they are aware of the Totally Locally initiative. Over 35% said they would visit the market more had they been aware that most market traders live locally and support other local businesses. The main 3 reasons that deter them from shopping at the Borough Market are:

We then asked what goods and services might encourage the panellists to use the Borough Market more if they were provided. The top 4 responses to this question were:

The responses given in this section of the questionnaire will be looked at carefully and considered when making improvements to the market service.

Last Updated: 29/03/2016