Spring 2013

Flooding in Calderdale

A number of Calderdale residents were badly affected by flooding in 2012. In addition to the information already received, the Flood Response team asked questions in the November survey to help them further understand the extent and nature of the flooding. This will help them to plan better flood defences in the future and improve the effectiveness of their response.

38% of panellists said their property was affected by the floods in 2012. 80% of the affected properties were privately owned, 11% rented from landlords and 9% rented from a housing association.

90% of the properties affected were covered by buildings and contents insurance. 34% of the properties affected had been flooded in previous bad weather.

The areas mainly affected by the flood waters were:

16 panellists thought the flood water affecting their property came from surface or ground water, 12 thought it came from a river, 8 from neighbouring property, a further 8 from the highway, 4 from a minor water course or culvert, and one didn't know where it came from.

All the information provided will be used by the Flood Response team to continue to improve the flood defences in Calderdale.

Last Updated: 29/03/2016