Spring 2010

You said - we did

In our Spring 2008 edition we included some follow up questions after carrying out our Road Safety Seat belt campaign.

You said: you had seen the signs and posters advertising the campaign and were more aware / understood the need to wear seat belts.

We did....compared the results of this survey to similar questions asked at the start of the campaign, to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

The survey work showed that a positive attitudinal change was observed in both compliance rates and a clearer understanding of the need to comply with seatbelt wearing regulations.

The Calderdale campaign was so successful in reducing “Killed and Seriously Injured car occupant” casualties, that the remaining 4 authorities that make up West Yorkshire adopted their own version of the campaign. The Talkback panel were instrumental in allowing the authority to understand the types of strategy it would need to adopt to ensure the changes needed in attitude would happen.

In the Autumn 2008 edition we asked you questions on the “A – Z Guide to public services” which we distribute to every household in the borough.

You said: the guide was a useful addition to the household but you would like to see more contact details and more website links included.

We did......reviewed the content of the guide and made some additions to make it easier for you to contact us when you need to.

After we published our last A - Z Guide to Services, we asked members of the Talkback panel what they thought, what they found useful and what they would like us to do differently next time around.

When the new A-Z of Services is published in 2010, it is hoped we can include many of the suggestions Talkback panellists made, including more email addresses and direct links to useful website pages. The new Guide will be out in the summer, and we will be asking for your views again later in the year.

Last Updated: 06/01/2016