Spring 2010

Physical activity

Calderdale Council believes that it is important to provide opportunities for its residents to take part in activities which improve their health, fitness and general well-being. The questions asked in this section will help us to assess your needs with regard to physical activity.

Almost 61% of respondents said they do not undertake as much physical activity as they would like to, and 68% said they do not undertake as much physical activity as they think they should.

The 3 main reasons which prevent people from doing regular physical activity are:

However respondents did say that if they had a choice they would most like to undertake exercise by either swimming or individual walks.

We then asked how you are most likely to find out about physical activity sessions and sport in your area.

By far the most popular choice was the internet, at 22.3%.

The remaining options (telephone, email, or contacting the sports development unit) were together favoured by around 11% of respondents. The graph shows these preferred options.

Chart depicting preferred means of finding information on sports provision


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Last Updated: 29/03/2016