Spring 2010


‘Welcome’ to the first edition of our Newsletter for 2010 and a big ‘thank you’ to all panel members who completed and returned our Autumn 2009 survey. We hope you enjoy completing our new survey as it will help us to shape and improve policies and services in Calderdale, in the way you would like us to.

Surveys in 2009

The panel completed 3 surveys in 2009. This provided us with a large amount of information to help us make improvements to our services and provisions, in ways that are important to the residents of Calderdale.

Inside this issue

The autumn survey contained four topics on issues and initiatives relating to both services provided by Calderdale Council and services provided by NHS Calderdale. The results are summarised in the following pages and the topics covered include:

Also included in this Newsletter is a 'You said - we did' section detailing how we have improved our services by acting on responses from previous Talkback surveys.

Calderdale Engage

If you wish to know more about, or be involved with, other community consultations in Calderdale, please visit

Calderdale Engage: Community consultations

Data protection and you

As we are bound by law under the Data Protection Act and by the Market Research Code of Conduct, we have to ensure that Talkback is carried out in an ethical manner which ensures confidentiality and protection of personal data.

Printable version

A printable version of this newsletter is available to download:

Spring 2010 Talkback Newsletter [PDF file 594KB]|PDF file

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