Spring 2009

A - Z guide

Once a year, Calderdale Council produces an A – Z Guide to Council services. To make sure we have the format and content of the guide the way you would like to see it, we asked the panel a series of questions about the guide.

Firstly we needed to check how efficient our delivery team are – over 77% of panellists said they received the summer 2008 edition of the guide. We need to look carefully now at our distribution to increase the delivery of the guide – ideally to over 95% completion.

We then asked which parts of the guide you find, or might find, useful. The top five most useful aspects of the guide proved to be:

The table shows the responses to this question in detail:

Percentage of respondents finding aspects of the guide useful
Aspect of guide% of respondents
Getting in touch information  64.0%
A - Z listing: short service descriptions  65.5%
A - Z listing: phone numbers  79.9%
A - Z listing: feature pages about services  28.9%
Recycling information  65.2%
Compliments, suggestions and complaints  26.0%
Map of the Wards in Calderdale  28.4%
Councillors' details  44.4%
Parish and Town Councils  18.1%
Emergency planning information  28.1%
Other useful information  22.5%
No reply    4.0%

The following chart shows how useful respondents find the guide, with over 90% finding it very or quite useful and under 10% finding it not very or not at all useful.

Usefulness of the A - Z Guide expressed as a percentage

Approximately 35% of panellists think it would be helpful to include more email contacts and website links.

At a 45p cost per guide to design, print and deliver to your home, over 80% of respondents think this is good value for money.

Last Updated: 22/12/2015