Autumn 2009

Winter road maintenance service

The Council’s Winter road maintenance service provides precautionary salting on all classified roads and major routes through the towns and villages in the borough. The service also deals with requests from the public to deal with snow and ice in problem areas. The questions asked in this section were to help us ensure the service is effective and provides the type of service the residents of Calderdale need. We asked panellists how satisfied they are with the service in three main areas. The three areas under consideration were:

The table and graph below show the panellists’ level of satisfaction with the winter road maintenance service. This shows that respondents are the most satisfied with the treatment and clearance of main roads but are least satisfied with footway treatment and clearance on main roads. Satisfaction with the clearance of footways is highest for the town centre pathways. Less than 20% of respondents are satisfied with the provision and effectiveness of salt bins and piles across the Borough.

% satisfaction with Winter service
ServiceLocal neighbourhoodMain roadsTown centres
Proportion of roads treated60%82%71%
Speed of treatment of roads60%79%70%
Effectiveness of road snow clearance56%76%69%
Proportion of footways treated14%26%38%
Speed of footway snow clearance12%25%37%
Effectiveness of footway snow clearance14%26%36%
The number of salt bins and piles17%n/an/a
Effectiveness of salt bins and piles20%n/an/a
Effectiveness of the service in car parksn/an/a29%
Bar chart illustrating satisfaction with Winter Service
Please note the last 3 categories on the graph only pertain to a single area (eg. Local neighbourhood or town centres).

Prior to completing the questionnaire only 18% of panel members knew where to ring to request help from the Winter Road Maintenance Service. For future reference, requests for clearing ice and snow can be made to the service as follows:

Contact details for winter road maintenance:

Only 10% of respondents have reported a problem with snow or ice in the last 12 months. Of those who have reported a problem, regarding response times nearly 21% were "very" or "fairly" satisfied, just over 3% were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, and just over 43% were "fairly" or "very" dissatisfied, with the remainder not replying or not applicable. With regard to the effectiveness of the response, nearly 17% were "very" or "fairly" satisfied, just over 4% were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, and 42.5% were "fairly" or "very" dissatisfied, with the remainder not replying or not applicable. This is further illustrated by the graph:

Percentage satisfaction with reporting problems

Approximately 50% of respondents were interested in receiving further information about the Winter Road Maintenance Service with the majority (65%) preferring to receive this information by leaflet and 39% via the local press.

A wide variety of comments were received on the service, some of which can be seen here:

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