Autumn 2009

Museums and galleries

Approximately 80% of panel members are aware the Council runs a Museums and Galleries service. 39% of respondents have not visited any of the museums or galleries in the last 12 months but of those that have, the greatest number (72%) visited the Piece Hall, followed by Shibden Hall with 53%, Bankfield Museum (39%), Smith Art Gallery (15%) and Heptonstall Museum (10%). The percentages do not total 100 as more than one response was possible.

59% of respondents are aware that all museums and galleries (with the exception of Shibden Hall) have free admissions and over 96% feel that it is important for Calderdale to present its history and heritage to local people and visitors in this way.

In order to measure how effective our publicity campaigns are we asked panel members what type of publicity they have seen relating to museums and galleries. The most popular media was Newspapers (48%) followed by Events and Exhibitions Guides(39%) and Fliers (26%).

When asked why panellists do not visit the museums and galleries more frequently, some of the main reasons were lack of time, lack of interest and lack of information about the exhibitions and events available.

Last Updated: 15/09/2016