Autumn 2009

Calderdale markets

The Council’s market service currently provides and manages retail markets throughout the district. The markets are currently located in Halifax, Sowerby Bridge, Elland, Hebden Bridge, Brighouse and Todmorden.

The market service regularly needs to assess the part the markets play in every day life in the town centres. The questions set in this part of the survey will help them with this assessment.

Respondents' preferences for the types of market they prefer to shop in (more than one response was possible here) were: Indoor 62.2%, Outdoor 51.5%, Car Boot Sales 14.6%, and Specialist Markets 30.2%. 18.8% had no preference,and 5.8% said none. The graph below illustrates these preferences.

Percentages of types of market visited

86% of panellists said they visited any or all of the markets in Calderdale, and of these, over 52% have shopped there for over 20 years, 43% between 1 and 20 years and 5% for less than 12 months.

Of those that shop in the markets 95% said they think it is important to have markets in Calderdale. The list below shows which markets are used most often by respondents:

In general the most popular day for visiting the markets is Saturday with the exception of Hebden Bridge where Thursday appears as the most popular day.

We then asked panellists how satisfied they are that the markets that they visit meet their shopping requirements. The satisfaction levels vary from nearly 90% being satisfied with fresh produce, between 60 and 70% being satisfied with general food items, cards and stationery and household goods, between 40 and 45% satisfied with specialist goods, clothing and cafes and restaurants, and the lowest satisfaction levels being with second hand goods at 32%.

As far as dissatisfaction goes, the highest levels were with clothing, cafes and restaurants, and specialist goods, with percentages from 15 to just over 20%, there was between 7 and 12% dissatisfaction with general food items, household goods. second hand goods and cards and stationery, and the least dissatisfaction was with fresh produce at just over 4%. The graph below illustrates these findings.

Percentage satisfied with goods

61% of respondents feel the extent to which they shop at Calderdale markets has stayed the same in the last 12 months, with 21% showing a decrease and 16% showing an increase in market shopping.

The three main forms of transport to the markets are by private car (66%), by foot (17%) and by bus (15%). 60% of respondents travel less than three miles when they visit the markets, with 39% travelling between three and ten miles to do their market shop. 43% of panellists are satisfied with the parking facilities at the markets but 36% remain dissatisfied with the parking arrangements at the market they visit.

The majority of market shoppers say the average amount spent at the markets has stayed about, the same recently with 16% seeing an increase and 20% decreasing the amount spent at the markets. Cash payment is by far the most preferred method of payment at the markets (89%), with much smaller numbers preferring to pay by debit or credit card.

The survey then concentrated on those respondents who said they do not visit the markets in Calderdale. We asked these panel members the reasons why they do not visit the markets. The main reason given was that respondents only shop at high streets/supermarkets or large retail outlets (47%), around a third have a low opinion of the range or quality of products, or concerns about parking. Around a fifth don't like the surroundings or market environment, or the accessibility, 8% have a low opinion of customer service offered, and 6% were not aware of their existence. The graph below shows their responses.

Percentages of reasons for not visiting markets

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