Autumn 2009

Alcohol awareness

The Drug and Alcohol Action team, along with partner organisations, annually monitor the views of residents to provide them with a picture of how drugs and alcohol are impacting on residents, their families and neighbourhoods across Calderdale. This information helps the team to plan and deploy resources to reduce the harm caused by drugs and alcohol across the Borough.

Initially the questions focussed on the sale and consumption of alcohol to people under 18 years of age. When asked who they would contact with concerns of a shopkeeper selling to under 18’s, 56% said they would contact the Police, 14% Calderdale Licensing Unit and 9% West Yorkshire Trading Standards. 18% of respondents replied ‘Don’t know’ to this question.

When asked what measures should be undertaken to combat under-age alcohol sales the two most supported measures were:

40% of respondents think adults buying alcohol for under-age drinkers is a problem within Calderdale.

A similar response to the above was received when panellists were asked who they would contact with concerns about licensed premises – Police (51%), Calderdale Council Licensing Unit (25%) and West Yorkshire Trading standards (4%). Again a significant number of respondents did not know who to contact with these concerns (16%).

We next asked the panellists if they see any alcohol related problems in the Calderdale area. Only 8% of panellists have not seen any problems. Problems seen by the rest of the panel were: discarded bottles (27%), people drinking in streets or parks (21%), people under the influence of alcohol (18%), alcohol related violence or anti-social behaviour (18%), and people under 18 years old drinking or purchasing alcohol (16%). The graph below displays these responses.

Percentage witness to alcohol related problems

The panellists were then asked if they, or any of their friends, have been directly affected by a number of alcohol related ‘harms’. Just over 40% of respondents said they had been affected in one or more of the ways listed. Of those affected, 32% were affected by crime and anti-social behaviour, 27% were affected by harms to health, 25% were affected by social harms (e.g. family breakdown) and 16% by absence in the workplace. The graph below illustrates how these responses were distributed:

Percentages affected by alcohol 'harms'

53% of respondents said they would know how to access alcohol treatment services if they needed help. Of these, 59% said they would contact their GP, 35% would contact the Helpline and 6% would contact Social Services for the help they needed.

Last Updated: 19/08/2016