Autumn 2008

Where does your money go?

In this section colleagues in the Finance section asked panel members what sort of financial information would be of interest to them. Each year the Council spends almost half a billion pounds providing services and we think you should know how this money is spent.

90% of respondents said they would like to receive a leaflet of 8 pages or less containing user-friendly financial information.

The majority of panel members said they would be interested in summarised information rather than financial detail, preferring words and explanations to figures and graphs. The table below shows the type of financial reporting respondents would be interested in:

Preferred financial breakdown
Type of reportingStrongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeDon't know
Cost of running Council services 46.4% 52.3%  0.5%   0% 0.8%
How that breaks down into pay, premises etc. 41.3% 49.8%  7.0% 0.1% 1.8%
Where the money comes from to pay for this 44.1% 52.6%  2.3% 0.2% 0.8%
How much is spent on building projects etc. 45.9% 51.0%  2.0% 0.1% 1.0%
Funds held to support future expenditure 36.3% 58.4%  2.7% 0.3% 2.3%


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Last Updated: 22/12/2015