Autumn 2008

Practice Plus

Calderdale Primary Care Trust (PCT) has been looking at GP services in the area and it has been shown that Calderdale needs more GP services to support its local population. ‘Practice Plus’ is the scheme which will bring more GP services into the area. In this section of the survey the PCT asked panellists their views on the plans to provide more GP services.

The table below indicates the percentage of panellists who would/would not support the new plans for the area:

Do you agree with our plans for GP services?
PlanAgreeDisagreeNeed more information
a) provide additional GP services in Calderdale? 80.0%    2.2%  16.0%
b) open on weekends? 82.2%    6.2%    8.3%
c) open from 8:00am to 8:00pm? 83.5%    4.8%    7.2%
d) provide a Walk in Centre in Calderdale? 72.1%    5.6%  18.6%

Health information and previous consultation work has enabled Calderdale PCT to identify the areas which are most in need of additional GP services. The responses given by the panel will add to this information to help the PCT prioritise which areas are most in need of these additional medical services.

A large amount of information was provided by the panellists about what services they would like to see in these centres, in addition to GP services. Some of the most requested were: dentist; physiotherapist; optician; chiropodist; pharmacist; counselling; and alternative therapies.

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