Autumn 2008

Planning ahead

The Planning Policy team of Calderdale Council are currently developing a Local Development Framework which will set the planning structure for issues such as housing, the local economy, the environment and transport. To help them with this project the team asked the panel how important it is to them to have certain services within walking distance of their home.

The responses were:

Importance placed on having services close to home
Service      % Important   % Not important
Nursery school    88    12
Primary school    91      9
Secondary school    66    34
GP Surgery    92      8
Health clinic    82    18
Dentist    71    29
Post Office    94      6
Bank / Building society    65    35
Supermarket    60    40
Pub / Restaurant    50    50
Shops    89    11
Library    77    23
Community Centre    73    27
Place of Worship    61    39

Sports Hall / Centre / Swimming pool

    61    39
Sports ground    59    31
Local Public park / Play area    91      9
Regular bus services    98      2
Train Station    78    12
Place of work    54    46

Panellists also supplied us with ideas for additional services such as: Police Station, Cash machines, Youth clubs to name a few.


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Last Updated: 22/12/2015