Autumn 2008

Culture and entertainment

Calderdale and its surrounding districts provide a wide range of leisure activities. This section of the survey was to find out what you think of the cultural and entertainment venues and how often you visit them.

The 3 most visited venues attended in the last three years were:

  1. Victoria Theatre, Halifax - 65%
  2. Piece Hall, Halifax - 39%
  3. The Alhambra, Bradford - 36%.

We then concentrated our questions on those respondents who have visited the Victoria Theatre. Over half of these visited the Victoria Theatre on average once or twice a year, around a quarter visited less than once a year, around a sixth visited three or four times a year, with the remainder (around 3%) visiting more than four times.

The 3 most popular types of performances at the Victoria theatre were:

  1. Rock and pop music - 37%
  2. Pantomime - 29%
  3. Musicals - 22%.

We then asked how satisfied panellists were with the shows and facilities at the Victoria Theatre. The table below displays these results:

Satisfaction with facilities
FacilityVery satisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery dissatisfiedDon't know
Box office opening times27.0%63.6%  2.5%     -6.9%
Ease of online booking15.4%32.5%  2.8%  0.2%49.1%
Information on the website13.0%38.7%  3.0%  0.4%44.9%
Customer service25.4%63.5%  1.9%  0.2%9.0%
Seating comfort  8.5%66.9%19.9%  3.5%1.2%
Bar and kiosk facilities  8.4%62.9%18.6%  2.6%7.5%
Quality and variety of shows25.1%64.8%  6.9%  0.3%2.9%
View of the stage15.1%74.1%  8.3%  1.5%1.0%
Acoustics17.5%84.6%  8.7%  2.4%2.8%

Thank you for the many suggestions for changes and improvements – these will be used to help improve the facilities we provide at the Victoria Theatre.

Last Updated: 22/12/2015