Autumn 2008

Calderdale Drug & Alcohol Action Team (CDAAT)

This section of the questionnaire was asking respondents to what extent drug use in the community affects their lives as well as helping us to monitor how people’s perceptions of these problems are changing over time.

The following table shows the percentage of respondents who either occasionally or frequently see the following drug related problems:

Problem% of respondents
Discarded needles and syringes29%
Drug dealing42%
People under the influence of drugs59%

Over 40% of panel members think that heroin / crack cocaine use affects their community to some extent, with 15% having either themselves, or a member of their family, been a victim of drug related crime. 12% of respondents have either friends or relations directly affected by heroin or crack cocaine use.

A pleasing 41% currently know how to access drug treatment services. For future reference the contact numbers and opening hours of the Access Treatment Services are given in the 'You said - we did ' section of this Newsletter.

Last Updated: 22/12/2015