Budget consultation

From September 1 to October 31 2015, the Council consulted with thousands of people from right across the region to help us set our budget for 2018-2019.

Thank you to everyone that got involved and helped make it the most successful consultation that Calderdale has ever seen. We had over 4300 written responses, over 4500 people attended our budget events and we saw over 12000 online engagements.

On this page we pull together all the information gathered throughout the process and the key findings.

Budget animation

This video explains how the Council is funded and where the money was spent in 2010. It helped us set the context before people gave us their views. Click on it to watch it in your browser.

Initial findings

On Monday 16 November 2015 Cabinet noted the key findings from the budget consultation. The report can be found here.

Here is a summary of everything you told us, and how we began to analyse the results.

Your voice

We received thousands of comments during the consultation. Some were ideas for savings, others were areas people wanted to see more investment. These comments will play a key part of the budget setting process.

You can download the full list of comments.

Twelve key themes

Some core messages came out of the Budget Consultation that we have split into 12 key themes:

  1. You care most about services to our most vulnerable people – children at risk and older people needing social care (Source: highest ranking services/issues in survey and simulator)
  2. You also care about some core services like our roads, highways, street cleaning, parks, open spaces, community safety (Source: highly ranking services/issues in survey and simulator. Highest proportion postcard comments)
  3. You care and value our local environment and feel the Council should protect it (Source: high ranking survey and simulator. Strong theme in comments)
  4. You support the development of market towns but are less convinced of the benefit of major projects in a time of austerity. (Source: Survey rankings. Comments in survey and simulator)
  5. You support the move to more digital services and online (Source: Strong positive score in survey. Clear support in comments)
  6. You support a review of how we take decisions as a way of saving money (Source: Survey rankings. Comments in survey and simulator)
  7. More people support an increase in Council tax and charges than disagrees, especially when seeking to balance our budget (Source: survey nearly 50% supporting increase in Council tax, simulator average 2.57% increase in Council tax)
  8. You support the great co-location and integration of community services in fewer buildings (Source: Strong support in survey)
  9. There is some support for services being run by other organisations but greater support for Council as a service provider than in 2010 (Source: survey and comments)
  10. You support apprenticeships but feel the role of Council supporting business is less important than other priorities (Source: Survey results and some comments)
  11. Most of you think it is important to invest in the geographic areas of greatest need but think support to the vulnerable wherever they live is more important (Source: Survey results and comments)
  12. Finally, you have repeatedly told us how difficult this is and many of you think further spending reductions should be challenged (Source: Survey and simulator comments)


Through our online simulator we encouraged the public to have a go at balancing the budget and tell us about their priorities.

Here are results from the simulator, with priorities ranked.

Last Updated: 16/11/2014