Data protection and freedom of information

We live in a society where information is both abundant and necessary. Having the ‘right’ information when it is required is essential if the Council is to carry out its duties in an efficient and effective manner.

The Council is seeking to promote transparency with regards to the information it holds. This is in line with laws that have been passed to both protect and provide information about individuals or general information.

There are two main laws that the Council must comply with about information. These are:

The easiest way to distinguish these Acts is:

To find out more about the personal information the Council holds or to make a request to see your personal information, see Data protection.

To find out what information is already available in our Publication Scheme or to make a freedom of information request, see Freedom of Information.

Council obligations

The Council is actively seeking to meet its obligations in law, and these obligations include a right of access to Council Information, both personal and general.

These obligations also include:

Last Updated: 22/09/2014