Fees and charges

Housing and Environment services

Fees and charges for:

General health services

Service providedCharge £
(including VAT@ 20%)
Statement of Fact (accident investigation)£167.69
Riding Establishment Act (+ Vets Fees)£106.64
Export Certificate (Food)£70.00
Personal Land Searches (Health)£47.12
Accommodation Report for immigration entry requirements£87.30
Health Report for the export of second hand clothes and shoes£58.55
Licence Fee for an eligible HMO with up to and including 5 units of accommodation£561.00*
Fee for each unit of accommodation over 5£56.10*
Renewal of HMO licence fee£336.60

Note: * A discount of 20% will be given to members of the Calderdale Landlord Accreditation Scheme.

Handyperson service

Complexity of taskCustomer's statusCharge £
(including VAT @ 20%)
Very small job-£5.00
Up to 4 hoursmeans tested benefits£10.00
Up to 4 hours-£25.00

Waste Management

Service providedCharge £
(including VAT@ 20%)
Delivery charge for new, replacement or additional wheelie bins£30.00
Special bulky collection (from indoors)£47.50
Bulky collection (from outdoors)£15.00
Collection of a refrigerator or freezer£24.43
White garden bags£2.00
White bags for schools only£2.00
Bulk containers for schools per collection£13.68
Bulk containers for academies per collection£16.42
Garden waste annual subscription£40.00

Note: Charges for bags and labels are VAT inclusive, and the cost of bulk purchases will be a multiple of the item price.

Works in default

Type of serviceCharge £
(including VAT)
Reports to Insurance Companies to assist claim resolution£86.71

Last Updated: 21/11/2016