Discretionary rate relief

Application form

The application form consists of two sections, which are to be completed in separate stages. Complete section 1 below, and then go to section 2 using the continue button. When you have completed section 2, you can send the application form and you will be provided with a summary of the information you have sent.

Please note:

Grant application form:

Section 1 of 2: About your organisation
1.2) Details of the property for which
you are applying for rate relief*

1.5) Organisation contact details*

Please give us a contact name, address, postcode
and daytime telephone number where we can contact your organisation.

1.6) Registered charity*
1.7) Is the organisation established for
the benefit of the community*
1.8) Is the organisation established or run to
give a financial benefit to the people who run it*
1.10) Full voting rights for all*
1.11) Membership / activities open to all*
1.13) What type of organisation is it*

1.16) Do you run a bar*
1.18) Do you employ paid staff to run the bar

1.20) If you are a membership organisation do you
have social members as well as active members

Last updated: 30/05/2003