Animal welfare

Animal health and welfare

The Environmental Health Service is responsible for the enforcement of many laws covering the health and welfare of living animals.

Animal health

The Animal Health team's primary function is to prevent the spread of disease and unnecessary suffering of farm animals within Calderdale. We do this by advising on animal health matters and by monitoring and enforcing of animal health legislation, promoting the good health of livestock.

The Animal Health team also records movements of livestock within the borough, see Keeping livestock on smallholdings.

Movement record books are available, free of charge, to livestock holders. Further written information on the welfare codes is available on request.

Animal welfare

Environmental Health has legal powers to deal with the welfare of animals at circuses and other venues where they are performing. If you are concerned about something you have seen or would like further information, contact Environmental Health.

In addition the service is responsible for enforcing the legislation relating to disease control, including rabies, within the borough. You can report diseased animals to Environmental Health, and there is more information at Animal diseases. For the latest information on livestock and disease control, visit Defra: Farm animals|External link.

For further information about animal welfare and how to report suspected cruelty to animals, see Animal cruelty, or contact Environmental Health.


As well as licensing the movement of animals when required by law, the Council licenses the following:

See Animal licences.


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Last Updated: 09/10/2015