Continually ringing burglar and car alarms can be intrusive particularly if they occur during the night. We aim to deal with them as soon as possible, but in both instances we have to be satisfied the noise amounts to a statutory nuisance and serve a noise abatement notice before we can take action to silence the alarm. If the abatement notice is not complied with then we will call a contractor to disable the alarm.

If we need to gain access to premises to disable internal alarms we have to apply to the magistrates’ court to obtain a warrant to enter the premises. In this case it will take considerably longer for us to deal with the problem.

If you have an alarm installed at your premises you are recommended to notify us of any key holder details. In the event of us receiving a complaint about your alarm we will attempt to contact the key holder to come and disable your alarm. If for any reason we are unable contact the key holder we may serve an abatement notice and if we have to disable the alarm you will be recharged for costs associated with this work. You can complete the attached key holder information form and return to the address on the form: Audible alarm keyholder details [PDF file 11KB]|PDF file.


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Last Updated: 09/06/2016