Street collections permit

A street collection permit authorises the holder to collect money or sell articles for the benefit of a charitable, benevolent or philanthropic purpose. Collections may only take place in any street or public place – public place means 'where the public has access'.

If you are a local charity or a person who wishes to raise money for a local charity or a national charity, or you want to raise money for a particular cause – such as an appeal due to a natural disaster and that involves collecting money or selling articles by standing or walking in a public place you will need a street collection permit issued by the local authority.

Within Calderdale street collections are usually held in: Halifax, Brighouse, Hebden Bridge, Sowerby Bridge, Todmorden and Elland.

Application can be made for other areas within the District.

Collections are usually authorised for either Friday or Saturday, and only one collection is allowed on any one day. The Council may consider other days when application is made and when appropriate – for example at Christmas on late night shopping days.

Once the collection has taken place a statement needs to be completed showing how much money has been collected and whether any expenses have been met out of the proceeds. If more than £150 has been raised then a notice needs to be placed in a newspaper circulating in the area in which the collection has taken place and the statement must be signed to a certified accountant.

Once a collection has been held on behalf of a particular charity or cause in a particular town, no other collections can take place in the same year and / or same town for the same cause.

Direct Debit street collectors

You may also be aware that there are direct debit charity collectors in Calderdale. These collectors cannot be regulated by the Council.

However, following a number of complaints from the public and businesses in Calderdale, the Licensing Team have worked closely with the PFRA (Public Fundraising Regulating Authority) to produce a site management agreement to regulate direct debit charity collectors. This agreement sets out restricted days, times and and areas for collectors and includes a detailed code of conduct and compliance for collectors. Any breach of this agreement will result in a financial penalty on the fundraising company.

The PFRA can be contacted on 020 7401 8452 or by email:

Last Updated: 19/08/2016