Street collections permit

Permit application process

A street collection permit is required by any charity or a person who wishes to raise money for a local charity or a national charity, or if you want to raise money for a particular cause - such as an appeal due to a natural disaster and that involves collecting money or selling articles by standing in a public place in Calderdale.

Your application will be granted unless:

You will be issued with a street collection permit if your application is granted or you will be advised in writing if your application is refused.

There is no statutory right of appeal against the Council refusing you a street collection permit.

Apply online

EUGO logoYou can apply for this licence online via Business Link, part of the EUGO network.

If you collect more than £150, you will also need to place a notice in the local newspaper which circulates in the area where you collected .


No fee is payable.

Last Updated: 19/08/2016