Sports ground regulation

Running track

The safety of spectators who visit sports grounds to watch sport or events such as pop concerts is controlled by the requirements of the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975|External link as amended by the Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987|External link.

Building Control is responsible for safety at sports ground legislation across Calderdale as the Building Authority and provides the role of Chair to the Shay Stadium Safety Advisory Group (or Safety Team) to support and advise the Holder of the General Safety Certificate how to meet their duties and responsibilities under the Safety at Sports Grounds legislation.

For further information, guidance or assistance regarding organising a safe sporting event at a sports ground within Calderdale Contact Building Control.

Temporary structures and grandstands

The Building Control Service also control the erection of temporary platforms and structures used as grandstands for public entertainment.

If you are planning to use or erect a temporary platform or grandstand structure, whether or not it is located at a sports ground, Contact Building Control.

The regulator

Mr. Mike Terry, Building Control Manager, of Building Control Services - Building control.

Calderdale Council's Building Control Service (the Regulator) is responsible for the administration of the safety at sports ground legislation within the Borough. This role includes the issuing and enforcement of a General Safety Certificate for any designated grounds or regulated stands.

The General Safety Certificate requires the holder of the certificate to undertake certain specific actions and functions described within the General Safety Certificate to ensure the safety of spectators who visit and use the particular sports ground.

What is regulated

Designated grounds and regulated stands.

The purpose of the legislation is to ensure the safety of spectators who visit large or complex sports grounds for sporting fixtures or other similar events.

Exemptions to regulation

Sports grounds that are not designated, by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and stands, providing covered accommodation for less than 500 people; are exempt from the requirement to apply to the regulator for a General Safety Certificate, however the sporting club promoting the sporting event is not exempt from the provisions of the safety at sports ground legislation to maintain a safe ground and safe events.

All promoters of sporting fixtures, whether sports clubs or other organisations hold a duty to maintain a safe sporting event and ensure the safety of all the spectators under a combination of safety at sports ground legislation and general health and safety law.

For further information, guidance or assistance regarding organising a safe sporting event, or to apply for a General Safety Certificate Contact Building Control.

For further advice on managing crowds safely and organising a public event visit Health and Safety Executive|External link.

Last Updated: 30/11/2015