Acupuncture and skin piercing licences


Tattooing and body piercing have been with us in many forms throughout history and both forms of body decoration have increased greatly in popularity within Western society, due to specialist body art magazines, TV publicity and the popularity of piercing within the celebrity community.

The trend of Micropigmentation, also known as permanent and semi permanent makeup, has also increased due to beauty influences from magazines and TV.

Local Authority Circulars offering advice on body piercing, permanent tattooing and micropigmentation have been available for several years via the Health and Safety Executive web site. Intended primarily for use by enforcement officers, they are frequently too technical and detailed for other audiences. The Council recently identified a need for more straightforward advice.

Advice, safe practice guidance and byelaws for operators delivering these services is now available to download. The guidance includes information on basic requirements for safe, clean premises, legal issues, waste disposal, infection control, aftercare advice and at a glance checklist. Appendices within each document also present examples of how a medical history questionnaire, consent form and aftercare advice sheet might be prepared for each of the three treatment areas.

Last Updated: 29/07/2016