Scaffolding licence


If you are a member of the public, you will need to contact a scaffolding company to erect a scaffold on the public footway. The scaffolding company will need permission from the Calderdale Street Works department to do this. Once a licence has been issued and the scaffolding is in place, a Streetworks inspector will visit the location to ensure that the scaffolding has been properly erected and does not cause an obstruction or compromise the safety of the general public.

Please note an application for scaffolding does not guarantee the application will be accepted. Each application will be considered on its own merit.

How to apply

Scaffolding companies acting on behalf of the public are not required to present any certificates or accreditations of their own in support of their application. However, both the application form and licence stipulate that the scaffolding company will be liable for any damage to the highway that arises from the scaffolding being in place. The scaffolding must be placed on the footway and not encroach on the carriageway and must comply with Health and Safety legislation.

If you are a scaffolding company wishing to apply for a license, please complete the Scaffolding licence application [PDF file 13KB]|PDF file and return by email to or by post to:

Network Management

Mulcture House

Mulcture Hall Road



The fee is £100 for domestic property scaffolding, or £141 for business or commercial premises scaffolding. Please enclose a cheque (made payable to Calderdale MBC) for the correct amount with your application form, or call 01422 288002 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm to make a payment by card over the phone.

Will tacit authorisation apply?

Provided that all relevant criteria are met on the application form and payment has been made, authorisation to erect a scaffold in the public footway is granted once the licence has been produced, and not before.

Last Updated: 27/09/2016