Civil marriage and partnership venue licence

Civil marriage and partnership venue licence application

The application form must be completed by the proprietor / trustee who will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the conditions and instructions.

Apply online

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You can apply and pay for this licence online via UK Welcomes, part of the EUGO network.

Licence fees

A non-refundable fee is payable with the application for approval of the building. See Discretionary fees. The fee covers the inspection of the building, the publication of the application, the administrative costs in processing the application and the issue of the licence.

What happens next?

Renewing an approval

If the Holder of the Approval wishes to renew the Approval at the end of three years, the Holder must apply for a renewal no more than twelve months before the current Approval expires.

Fresh fees are payable for re-inspection of the building and the issuing of a renewed Approval. See Discretionary fees.

Expired approval

Under no circumstances can marriages or civil partnership proceedings take place in a building where the Approval has expired or been revoked.

Complaints procedure

A complaints procedure is operated by the Council for use by the general public. All complaints will be investigated in accordance with the Council's complaints procedure.

Revoking an approval

The Council reserves the right to revoke an Approval at any time where the Holder of the Approval fails to comply with any of the conditions and responsibilities which apply to the obtaining of the Approval, or if the use or structure of the premises has changed so that any of those conditions or requirements cannot be fulfilled. The Registrar General may direct the Council to revoke an approval if, in his opinion, there have been breaches of the law relating to marriage/civil partnership proceedings or the approved premises.

Surrendering an approval

The Holder of the Approval can, at any time, surrender an Approval. The Approval will be revoked as soon as is practicable. It will be the responsibility of the Approval Holder to notify any / or parties who have made arrangements to marry that their marriages can no longer take place in the said building.

Last Updated: 03/08/2016