Alcohol and entertainment licences


Pubwatch is a community based crime prevention scheme, organised by the licensees themselves to provide each other with reassurance, support and protection.

The aim of this scheme is to identify potential problems for licensed premises and their areas.

At Pubwatch meetings licensees discuss ways of reducing these problems and so make life difficult for those who cause them.

The kinds of problems that are considered are:

Licensees will have contact numbers for all the pubs and clubs involved in the scheme. If there is a problem in one pub, they can contact others to make them aware. This is aimed at deterring criminal conduct taking place at any of the premises involved in the scheme and it also provides better communication between the licensees and the police.

All of the licensees involved take a dim view of people who come into their establishments simply to cause trouble. If someone is barred from one pub, they are likely to find themselves barred from every pub in the scheme.


Last Updated: 28/07/2016