House to house collections permit


A house to house collection permit authorises the holder to:

for the benefit of a charitable, benevolent or philanthropic purpose.

Collections take place by visiting house to house or public house to public house, and in a locality.

The issuing of a permit is free of charge.

If you are a local charity or a person who wishes to raise money for a local charity or a national charity, or you want to raise money for a particular cause – such as an appeal due to a natural disaster, you will need a House to House Collection Permit issued by the local authority.

When applying to the local authority for a permit we will check that the dates you have requested do not clash with any other collections, which may be taking place in the same area.

Exemption certificates

Some of the larger well-known charities such as Christian Aid, Help the Aged, Royal British Legion have the benefit of exemption certificates issued by the Home Office. To qualify they have to hold over a certain amount of collections in different areas. The exemption certificate means that they do not have to apply to each individual local authority to collect – they need only to write to the local authority telling them when and where they will be collecting.

The police may grant what is termed a local exemption certificate if they are satisfied that the collection is local in character and will be completed within a short time period.

Last Updated: 29/12/2015