Street naming and numbering

Changing an address

Most changes of address will need to be agreed with the Council, to avoid duplicating another address and to ensure that a property continues to receive services.

Property numbers

Property numbers will generally only be changed if the layout of the street has changed and makes renumbering necessary. We may make an exception for a development where the properties have been numbered wrongly after the correct addresses were supplied. In these circumstances, we will consider renumbering the properties, taking into account the comments of the occupiers of all the properties affected.

If your property has a number, you can give it a name as well as, but not instead of, the number. You can find advice on choosing a name under Addressing guidelines but you do not need to consult the Council about the name.

Property names

Named properties which do not have a number can only be renamed by the Council and the guidelines on naming properties will apply to the choice of a new name. If the building is a block of separate properties, e.g. offices or flats, the Council will require evidence that at least two-thirds of those paying council tax or rates in the block agree to the change.

Street names

A street name can only be changed if at least two-thirds of people paying council tax or rates in the street agree to the change. Even with this consent, the Council may refuse a request, for example if it appears that the change may adversely affect other people besides the residents of the street. The Addressing guidelines for naming new streets will apply also to new names for existing streets.

Last Updated: 27/06/2016