Street naming and numbering

Address matching

Calderdale's postal numbering process does not rely on development plot numbers but utility companies sometimes find it helpful to have a table matching plot numbers against postal addresses. These Plot-to-Postal charts can only be produced on request and on payment of a fee.

If you prefer to compile the information yourself, you can find both developers' layout plans, with plot numbers, and postal addresses on the website.

Layout plan

Layout plans can be found via the online planning applications: Search planning applications.

If you know the information, enter the planning application number or details of the site location or developer. When you find the right application, select the Documents tab.  The documents listed should include all the drawings submitted with the planning application.

Postal addresses

Postal addresses can be found online. Enter the address you want to identify in the 'Location' box at Calderdale maps online: My area

The location on the map can then be compared with the layout plan.


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Last Updated: 18/07/2016