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Land and property ownership enquiries

Location map of Calderdale

The Calderdale Council Terrier is a record of all Calderdale Council owned land and property, and is maintained by the Council's Terrier Officer, in Business Change & Performance Management.

To find out whether Calderdale Council own a particular building or area of land, you should initially call the Contact Centre on 01422 288001 or alternatively, most of the Council's major assets are also mapped and shown on Calderdale Maps Online: Council assets

You will receive a letter acknowledging your application together with a blank Ordnance Survey plan for you to mark the area on and return (unless you have already sent a sketch or drawing with your application letter and it is clear what you are enquiring about).

Fast-track procedure

You will then receive our ‘Fast-track’ letter detailing precisely what you need to do to progress your enquiry, briefly this is:

Land and property availability

The Council has a policy of advertising surplus land / property for sale on the open market in order to ensure that the best price is achieved, and that any interested party has the opportunity to submit an offer. A disposal may also take place through a public auction. All land and property currently available to buy or let is advertised on the website: Land and property availability

The Council is not in a position to provide applicants with advice as to how much to offer for land / property. It is recommended that you consider obtaining an independent valuation and appropriate advice.

In addition to the purchase price of land / property, any disposal would be conditional upon the purchaser being responsible for paying the Council’s legal and surveyors costs. These costs depend on the value of the land / property and are worked out using a sliding scale.

Mailing list

To be placed on the Council's mailing list for future sales or rentals Contact Corporate Asset and Facilities Management.

If you're interested in taking a greater role in the management of a Council owned building or land, or would like to make a request for Community Asset Transfer, see Community management of assets.

Last Updated: 19/08/2016